Arbitro per le Controversie Finanziarie

B4 Investimenti SGR S.p.A. hereby announces the adhesion to the “Arbitro per le Controversie Finanziarie” (“ACF”), established by CONSOB with resolution of 4 May 2016 no. 19602.

The “ACF” is in charge for disputes concerning the violation by financial intermediaries of the duties of diligence, correctness, information and transparency in the fiscal year.

It is specified that damages not deemed to be direct consequence of the breach and / or violation by the financial intermediaries of the above obligations, damages that are not patrimonial nature and disputes related to sums of money for an amount greater than Euro 500,000 do not fall within the scope of the ACF.

The right to appeal to the ACF may not in any case be subject to waiver by the client investor and can always be exercised, even in the presence of clauses for the devolution of disputes to other out-of-court resolution bodies contained in the contracts.

For further information on the subject, please refer to the text of the regulation available at the following link: